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2011 • harrasment@artonly


Created just after the Tunisian Revolution– on March 4th, 2011 – on the basis of a series of personal accounts, harrasment@artonly is a testimony of individual stories of resistance.

Marrying dance, spoken words and live music, this performance isneither a choreographic piece, nor a theatre piece, or a concert, but a patchwork of each.

Conceived as a cabaret show, harassment@artonly could be described as a performanceconference.

harassment@artonly is a testimony: 23 years of daily resistancy under Ben Ali’s dictatorship.

It is a space for freedom and improvisation that calls for emergency.


2010 • The Leaf Of The Olive Tree


The Olive Tree. Symbol of the Mediterranean world.

A thousand-year-old tree, but not that only. Also a Body both impressive and inspiring. The Olive tree has always been a source of poetical inspiration; but on the other side, it has also been, and still remains to be, victim of political manipulations and a cause of conflict.

Such is the case in Palestine today where the Olive Tree, Source of Life, has become a Hostage, scorned and torn down, pulled out, murdered to humiliate, impoverish and starve to death women, children and men who live thanks to the Olive Tree, their very Source of Life.


But the Olive Tree is also a symbol of peace, of joy, a generous and strong tree whith a historical dimension and … ROOTS.  Social, cultural, economical, political as well as poetical and joyful.

The powerful roots of the Olive Tree, deeply anchored in the earth, branches wide-open towarsds the sky, carry a tortuous terrestrial and emotional dimension, a feeling to be part of the Whole to all those born where it grows and whose very life depends on its gold.


Nawel Skandrani’s piece celebrates the Olive tree in a total performance mixing dance as well as video, poetry  and acting.

The images are poetical and political, strong and soft, and the 5 dancers/actors – Nathalie Jabroun, Marion Blondeau, Meher Awachri, Meriem Ben Hamida and Amira Chabli – take you in a voyage full of energy, emotions and sometimes even humour, where the Olive tree is the final  destination.

The Leaf Of The Olive Tree
tunisia    &hungary 033.JPG

2005 • Shooting Stars Die In Silence

How does human mankind resist deprivation of space, light, water, freedom and air?

how does human mankind manage to keep, against all odds, hope?


How do human beings caught in extreme situations they have not chosen nor wanted, such as earthquakes, drought, war and occupation, manage to survive, physically and mentally?


Shooting stars

2003 • Fellow Bodies

2003 • Fellow Bodies

A voyage across the memories of a woman, Nawel Skandrani, dancer and choreographer from tunisia, a country where it is not always “that good” to perform.

As in Beckett’s Krapp, she calls her recollections to be seen, heard, touched and felt.

Through filmed images of her fellow travellers, the composer Anouar Brahem, the theatre director Fadhel Jaïbi,  the painter Tahar M’guedmini, the dance and trance of her fellow bodies and voices, the actor radhouane el meddeb, the dancer concetta amoroso, and the eye of her fellow alter-ego, the video-maker Sergio Gazzo.

Fragments. Words of a body happy to be bursting and many…

Fellow Bodies

2003 • Fellow Bodies

1999 • Searching For The Ever Center

We are playing our music and by misunderstanding, someone throws us a small coin in our hat, thinking that our music is something didactic, moral or intelligent.

If he new that it was only music, he would pass-by and keep his Money.

But it is true as well that the artist asks for his tip. And that even what is the purest, the most sincere of his own requires to be applauded to carry on expressing out himself, and that life depends on this fight between sacrifice and challenge, between the acknowledgement of the community and the protection of his personality.

Searching For The Ever Center
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